I’m Parth Sutariya

A Full Stack developer of Front-end, React, Laravel & Shopify & Requirement Analyst


Dedicated & Powerful Developer for all your Website’s need.

I am a full-time freelancer working on latest technologies like Shopify, React, and Laravel since 2013. and Had lots of different experience of Work, Code Standards, Tools and People.



With experience of more than 5 years in web technologies I can assure you that I can help you solve any problem regarding your Web Development

After getting my college degree in Computer Science in 2013, I started working as a Frontend-end Developer at junior web developer’s position where I lead many projects as team leader. I have worked on technologies like WordPress and Shopify. After 3 years of experience and gathering some courage I started working as a Freelancer. With growing time, I even saw a growth in my Confidence and even noted that my customers are delighted by my work and my working system. Now, I am a Full Stack Developer with a sharp expertise in Front-end, React, WordPress, Laravel and Shopify. I am even very good with HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, JavaScript, jQuery to give you stylish look and smooth frontend experience.

Now after working on 100 small and medium projects and creating 10 Brand new website from very starting for clients, I Believe that I have become a master at my work. Me and my team now has gained confidence in understanding people’s requirements. I love working with different types of people and would even love to work with you too!!

With my growing confidence even my skills have been developed

I started working with WordPress and Shopify initially but as time passed I started working with HTML, CSS, React and Laravel.  Under are the ratings I would give to myself for each technology: 



Work Journey

  • Start
    Got my college degree in Computer Science with distinctions and started my professional career with a job as a junior web developer in small firm where I was handed multiple kinds of responsibilities.
  • New Chepter
    Finally, I intended to move forward and started freelancing on my own. I waited for 3 month for my first craft and in between I had chip in open source communities.
  • Being Master
    Now, after 100's of small and medium sized jobs on freelancing and creating 10 brand-new websites for clients, I have became master at my stack. I am now confident and have knowledge in understanding requirements and map my approach accordingly to handle challenges.
  • Pro Level
    In 5 year of freelancing, I have experienced many things like good client, hard to explain type of clients, straight forward requirements, mission impossible requirements, agile methodology, working as a team member and leading a team, brainstorming plans and estimating requirements etc.

Working as a Full stack developer and brainstorming every possible ideas results in…..

9 K
Project Completed
2 K
Lines of Code
Commit pushed



In my Freelancing journey, I have worked at a many positions and even on single project contractor

Starting as a junior developer, I happened to be a guest developer, senior developer, API provider for mobile apps, team member, team leader, complete technical department person, friend who helped to start business, technical guru who help’s to get the store set up and run, marketing team member, requirement analyst and much more.

Complete E-Commerce Solution with Shopify. Including Setting up Shopify store, Creating theme from scratch, Boost your sales by making UI change in your website. Advertisement compatibility, Tracking integration, App integration. Creating custom apps etc.

Worked on many projects for WebApps like Booking apps, creating API for mobile apps, Image processing and worked with multiple payment processors, QuickBooks SDKs, Shopify Apps.

I started React late actually. I really like the idea of detaching front-end from backend and speed by dynamic component loading. After that I re-created complete WebApp for one of my oldest client as a gift, and he really liked the outcomes and he uses it every day.

I can say there are very few things that’s not covered in my experience in WordPress.

Worked with core WP, Create Themes, Plugins, worked in Woo commerce Plugins, Buddy Press and Learn dash for multiple requirements.

Master in Elementor theme to create a website, creating custom blocks etc.

After working on many software projects, I became excellent at understanding requirements, creating user-stories, assigning story points and business values, and providing surety about successful software projects

Contact me or book a timeslot for a call regarding inquiry, project discussion etc.

I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible, ( If I am not on Vacation 😁). I always love to meet new persons and hear about their requirements.